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Friday, January 28, 2011

My Blood Type

I thought you all would enjoy this picture.  One of Lil' Man's therapists sent it to me after he found it in a fortune cookie.  He said he thought it fit me.  I say he is right! lol :)

The Snow is gone and illnesses are dwindling!

Well it started out with walking pnuemonia three weeks ago.  Then I ended up in the ER with a positive flu test.  Now I have pnuemonia.  So is life with Immune Difficency.  This is why blogging has been limited.  Sorry!  I don't know if you've heard, but we had a massive snow/ice storm!  School was out for a week.  Which was great for mommy time with the kids, but I will admit that I am glad the snow/ice is gone!!!

This pic was taken 5 days after the storm!
The kids had a great time during the storm!  They loved playing in the snow!  Bel had never seen so much snow.  I think she was a bit scared of it at first.  She just wanted to stay in house with Nana, but eventually Hansome's brother and sister-in-law talked her into coming out to play.  She loved it!  They also liked being able to sit around the house and not go to school for a whole week!!!

Pullin' out the four wheeler for some snow fun!

This pic is actually from the Christmas Snow Storm, but it was just so cute!

Bel and HJ watchin' movies during no school! :)

HJ got a stomach bug from school and was out for a day.  Bless his little heart.  He was pitiful!  Brown Eyes got a cold, then a virus, and then he had an inner ear infection.  He is temperature free and almost done with his antibiotic!  Lil' Man got a virus then a cold.  He is getting better too.  Just a bit of a runny nose left.  Bel has some how avoided all of the sickness.  Thankfully!  Hansome had a little bit of a cold, but he is better too!

I got everyone's report cards yesterday.  All of them were exceptional especially considering some of their special needs.  Bel got all A's and B's in her education classes!  HJ scored high on all of his 4-K skills!  Brown Eyes is progressing in all areas including behavior and education.  Lil' Man is also improving in all areas including behavior and education.  Lil' Man also got 5-K student of the month at his school for January!  He was rewarded by a fieldtrip to the ice cream parlor.  I'm so proud of all of the kids and their hard work in school!  Its just a little testment to what love can do for a child's behavior and education!  Love my kids!

Tonight Hansome and I are going to hear Bel sing with the Chorus at the high school basketball game, then its date night!  The kids will go stay with their grandparents, and Hansome and I will get some alone time!  We value date nights.  I'll post pics of Bel's singing soon!  She is definately our performer!  She loves all things stage oriented.  I love her.

Well this is just bit of life when GOD calls a girl...and a boy...

Friday Friends

Me and my boys at Mommy-and-me :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fabulous Fridays

There was a gorgeous sunrise here in the mountains.  Its days like this that make so happy to "live in the clouds".  When I see the wonder of GOD's creation and HIS artwork in the painted skies, it makes me fall more and more in love with HIM.  Who am I that HE would care enough paint such beauties just for me?  I fall humbly at HIS feet.  Forever I am greatful!

View of the sunrise in the mountains from my back yard.

I'm sitting in my favorite coffee shop now awaiting the arrival of my childhood best friend.  Its gotten kind of gloomy out and there are rumors of snow in the air.  Last time I saw my friend I was single and childless.  Oh how much we have to talk about!  We talk on the phone pretty regularly, but its just not the same as face-to-face.

We are having a girls day.  We're going to a bridal boutique to check out some bridesmaid dresses.  She is really excited about my upcoming nuptials and her part in my wedding.  I wish I was able to have the kids and Hansome here with me for her to meet, but they're all in school/at work.

Hansome and I have an alone date later tonight after I get off work.  Those are few and far between, so we really value our alone time!  I also have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to get some test results.  I'm slightly nervous, but I know GOD is the almighty Physician.  I have faith that through HIM all things are possible.

Well, the Best just got here, so I'll be signing off for now blog world.  This is just a day in the life, when GOD calls a girl...

Friday Friends

On Fridays I'll post a picture of friends.  This week it happens to be me and two of my bests!

M, A, and Me :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My family is growing!

I know I just recently introduced Hansome to you all in the blog world, but since you know him you might as well also know that he has decided to stick around.  On Christmas day, my Hansome honey asked me to be his wife.  I of course said yes!  So with that simple three letter word my family is going to grow from two to four, and I couldn't be happier! :)

Once again...I'm trying!

Sorry about how awful I am this whole blogging thing!  I'm trying! lol  I've been so incredibly busy with all of the kids.  Their individual special needs and trying to make school break fun for all of them!  It is quite difficult when they range in age from 4yo to 17yo.  I am going to include pics from awesome break!  I had so much fun being able to spend so much time with the kids!  I miss them when they're in school!

Monday Reggie and I took Lil' Man and Hansome Jr. (HJ) to Monkey Joe's!

Lil' Man met Monkey Joe

Reggie makes me feel tall!

HJ met Monkey Joe too!

Tuesday I took Lil' Man and HJ to Chic-Fil-A's Mommy-and-Me.  They love it!

HJ and Lil' Man's gumdrop ornaments!

Silly dance time!

HJ and Lil' Man cheesin' in their Santa Cow hats

Wednesday Reggie and I took HJ and Lil' Man to their favorite park.

This is their favorite part of the playground!

They're best buddies! :)

Thursday Lil' Man played Candy Land with all of his therapists.  Then we had a birthday party for JESUS! :)

Candy Land is Lil' Man's favorite!  This was his gift to Reggie! lol

It was quite a celebration!  We all had our favorite color balloons!

JESUS' birthday cake!

Sending birthday messages to JESUS on our balloons! :)

Its snowed on CHRISTMAS!!!  The first time since 1963!  We were so excited!  I'll post more pics of the snow and the kids playing in it later.

PawPaw got HJ a scooter for Christmas

Hansome doing what he does best...being Hansome ;)
This is what happens on Christmas break when GOD calls a girl...